Special Meetings


2017 West Coast Christian Conference, July 26-July 30, Los Angeles, Theme:  They follow the Lamb wherever He goes (Revelation 14:4)

二零一七年美加西岸基督徒追求聚會, (主题:羔羊無論往哪裡去,他們都跟隨他 (啟示錄144)


2016 West Coast Christian Conference, July, Vancouver, Canada, Theme:  You are my Witnesses

二零一六年美加西岸基督徒追求聚會, (主题:你們是我的見證)


2016 June Special Meeting in Westminster, California (Speaker: Sunshine Bor)


2015 CMP Thanksgiving Special Meeting (Speaker: Godwin Sun)


2015 West Coast Christian Conference Messages (Serving God's Purpose (Acts 13:36a, NIV))


2015 CMP Spring Special Meeting (Speaker: Jerry Aman)


2014 West Coast Christian Conference Messages (Behold, the Tabernacle of God is with Men(Rev 21:3))


2014 NW Regional Summer Retreat (The Church Walking The Heavenly Way)